Pool Painting

A good quality protective coating is essential for your pool, preventing damage to the substrate as well as providing an appealing, refreshing look. We have experience painting residential pools as well as council-owned facilities, such as the Jubilee Pools in Pukekohe.

If your pool is looking tired then call us for a quote, we have the expertise to help.


Spray Shop

Our spray shop provides the ideal environment for spray painting doors, cabinetry, furniture and anything else that you may wish to give a great finish. Whether new or old we have the expertise to prepare your items, and paint them with the correct coating system.

Our work includes residential and commercial doors new and old, new and existing kitchen and bathroom cabinets, outdoor furniture, timber furniture, and cast iron and steel furniture. We use both air and airless sprayers, and source many different paint systems to ensure the longest lasting finish for your items.

Feel free to browse our photos below; these show examples of our finished work as well as work in progress inside the sprayshop.



It may cost many thousands to redo a kitchen or bathroom, and in some situations may not be worth it. We offer an alternative option for those with a limited budget: refinishing. Call us and we will be happy to discuss your needs and come up with an affordable solution.

We will prepare and refinish your kitchen or bathroom cabinetry, or other furniture, using quality 2-pack product for the best finish and durability. Below are some examples of our recent work.



Wallpaper has seen resurgence in recent times, and we can help you with any paper hanging requirements. Whether you have chosen matching or non-matching paper we can strip your old wall coverings, resurface walls and hang your paper quickly and efficiently with minimal disruption. We can also paint ceilings, trim and frames while there to give the entire room a complete makeover.

At Pukekohe Decorators and Door Finishers we keep up with the latest techniques. We make sure that the wall surfaces are prepared properly, and the job is done well. Large or small we can help you with your wall papering needs; browse our photos to see for yourself.


Roof Painting

Is your roof looking tired? We can restore the look of your roof using premium roof paints applied using airless spray equipment. Our team is experienced in preparing and painting corrugated iron, terracotta tiles and many other surfaces. In addition to appearance a roof paint will protect your roof from deterioration, saving you money in the long run.

We will water-blast your roof, treat any moss or lichen growth before any painting is undertaken. Any rust will also be treated and removed, and we will notify you of any areas that need repairs beyond our scope. Safety is of utmost importance to us, and all our work is undertaken according to occupational safety and health guidelines.


Commercial Painting

Business requirements can often differ from those of homeowners, and we will cater to these. Our past work has included buildings such as the Waiuku Town Hall, the Papakura Aquatic Centre, Band Rotunda in Ngaruawahia and the Hawkins Centre. We also cater to property investors, and our team can give your rental property a fast and efficient makeover, allowing you to get that next tenant in quickly. For larger investors we can set up a structured maintenance program, ensuring your properties maintain their value over time.

Other environments, such as offices may require working around your employees, and where this happens we will be as unobtrusive as possible, and this includes the use of environmentally friendly and very low odour paints.

Here are some examples of our previous commercial work.


House Painting

Whether you have a small repair or a whole house to paint we can help you with your project. Our residential services include new home painting, renovation work, kitchen cabinetry, painted furniture, plastering, wallpapering and more. Interior and exterior work can be catered for, and we have some examples of our work here.

We use normal brush and roller techniques, as well as modern airless spraying techniques. During our initial consultation with you we can outline what areas need attention and what techniques will be the best to use for a given budget. Our paint systems can be explained, and when we give you a written quote these will detail all agreed systems and give you a final cost.

Let us know your budget and we will do everything we can to get the most out of it.